the spinbot 50oo is now available!!!




  • Available WORLDWIDE

  • Manufactured in the USA at BREWFAB in St. Petersburg, FL

  • Choose a 4, 7, or 10 BBL - shipped in 2-3 weeks

  • FREE Virtual Consultation with Jay Lesher, Inventor of The Spinbot 5000, to discuss which size is best for your production needs
  • Pay by check, bank transfer, or credit card with options for leasing and financing (Prices include crates, but shipping costs are extra.)

About The Spinbot 5000

The Spinbot 5000, an innovation in the vortex-treatment system was invented in 2013 by Jay Lesher. Known as "Jay the Welder," he was named one of the 26 top innovators in the brewery industry in All About Beer.

A Master Welder since 1985, Lesher has a stellar reputation and is a respected leader in the craft beer industry, known for brewing, building, repairing, designing, and inventing since 1995. Currently working at Cigar City Brewing Company, many of Jay’s inventions are used on a daily basis. He also invited several brewery owners and engineers to look and see the Spinbot 5000 as it was in use, infusing wood spirals to an IPA. All were in agreement that they were witnessing the future of Infusion Technology for the Craft Brewing Industry. Jay the Welder says that the secret is in the DOUBLE VORTEX INFUSION which gives the most efficient contact time to the ingredients.

With a ROI that is often with your first use, you will soon understand how the Spinbot 5000 is a complete game-changer. When you master how to reformulate your recipes by reducing your ingredients and contact time, the Spinbot 5000 will have your Brewmaster thinking outside the brew kettle and designing new beers that were formerly impossible to do on a larger scale . . .

Double Vortex

Used in the spinbot 5000 design

The Spinbot 5000

Cigar City Brewing Company